Miguel Ayon Community Marketing Executive

Green Valley/Sahuarita Community Representative

Welcome Wagon® has been helping local businesses introduce themselves to new movers in their area since 1928. We offer category exclusivity and our new mover data is accurate and proven. This means YOUR BUSINESS reaches new movers BEFORE YOUR COMPETITION, giving you the chance to make a customer for life.

Why Mover Marketing?

Acquire new customers through our Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Solutions that introduce your business to new movers in your area.

Over 40 million people move in the U.S. each year, spending thousands of dollars on average for goods and services. In fact, new homeowners will spend up to 20 times more money in the first six months of their occupancy than existing homeowners spend in two years. These new families are ready and able to spend a significant amount of money in your community.


Creditworthy Customers
New Movers Spend More in Year One Than Any Other Year
Have a Need for Your Business
Establishing Relationships Now!


Our Services

Benefits of Mover Marketing
Gift Book Program
Greet the new movers in your area with the high quality, long-lasting Welcome Wagon® Gift Book.

• Features an attractive 8.5” x 5.5” book, personalized to the new movers

• Includes a custom, full page ad with your logo, information and compelling invitation to your business

• Gives your company exclusivity in your business category

• Has an extended shelf life, intentionally designed for long-term use

• Includes a monthly new mover list for follow-up (optional)

Pinpoint Postcard Program
Follow-up the Welcome Wagon® Gift Book 30 days later with the highly efficient Pinpoint Postcard.

• Features a high quality 8.5” x 5.5” oversized custom postcard design with your logo, information and compelling invitation to your business

• Delivers a concise message to new movers, creating demand for your product or service

• Is all inclusive: design, printing, postage and mailing all for one low price

• Offers a variety of mailing options

Especially For You
Follow-up the Welcome Wagon® Gift Book90 days later with the Especially For You Book.

• Gives repeated exposure of your business and offer in an attractive and personalized 8.5” x 5.5” book

• Is an additional reminder to the new movers about your business

• Serves as a follow-up piece, which is critical to the success of any marketing program

Digital Marketing Program (DMP)
The Welcome Wagon® Digital Marketing Program allows you to reach new movers through multi-channel online advertising.

ncludes Email Marketing with your business information and offer sent to new movers

• Features your business listing and offer on welcomewagon.com

• Provides new movers on-the-go access to your business information and offer

• Links directly to your business website

• Offers a one-touch call feature, map & directions for new movers to reach your business quickly and easily 

Social Media Program (SMP)
The Welcome Wagon® Social Media Program allows you to effortlessly reach targeted demographics through today's popular social networks

• Features your business and offer on leading social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram

• Offers hyper-targeted marketing of your business using a proprietary demographic profile developed by Welcome Wagon®

• Reach your key audience of prime local residents who are ready to engage with your business

• Features your business info, offer, map, website and links to your social media pages via your personalized landing page

• Increases your brand awareness to a larger audience beyond new movers

Social MediaAdvertising/EmailMarketing
Simply put, it is Digital Advertising at its BEST -at the hyper local level!

Social Media Advertising


71% of American adults are registered on Facebook. 75% of them check it daily.


Social platforms, like Facebook, help you connect
with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. Our experts will post an ad targeted at members of your target demographic in your local community.


Email Marketing


The open rate on our email campaigns beat industry averages by over 50%.


Email is an essential part of our everyday lives and is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. Our high open rate will deliver your business to local inboxes.

"A refreshing experience! Getting started with welcome wagon was a breeze thanks to Linda F. She was very knowledgeable about the product and more importantly, gave us guidance and ideas on how to get the most from the program and package we selects. We are looking forward to working with welcome wagon and would recommend the service to others."

— Roger

I had a great experience with Jacqueline Seifter! She is so pleasant and did a great job thoroughly explaining the Welcome Wagon program. She answered my questions and was very helpful guiding me through the process. The ad department has also been very helpful and easy to work with.

Jane Arkwright

Dana McKee is a GREAT sales rep! She communicated very well with us & we're very pleased with her service. We have not received any clients from Welcome Wagon yet, but it is still early on in our subscription so we're patiently waiting! Would recommend to any small business!

CK's Hair Design